Clos de l'Escandil - Vintage 2007 -
Hachette’s Best Picks 2011.
Translated press notice : With now a 4th Coup de Coeur in 8 years (the 2001, 2003, 2006 vintages before this one) this vineyard establishes itself as a key in the appellation. There is so much to it, it is so complex and massive, that the taster feels as if he/she will never encapsulate it all. Even though vanilla still prevails, spices tickle the nose while red and black berries stand out. On the palate, powerful and ample tannins come out with roasted notes. The long, warm and plush final leaves the taste of moka. Once again, Gilles Chabbert sets really high standards.
  Rouge La Livinière Clos de l'Escandil 2007 -
Un nez sur les potés de fruits noirs, réglisse, avec un boisé bien intégré. La bouche a de la chair, une trame lisse, des tanins aromatiques, très poivrés.

Rouge La Livinière 2007
Un nez sur le fruit noir, avec des notes de balsamiques, de menthol. Bouche épicée, avec un bon fruit, des tanins grillés.

Rouge 2007
Des petits fruits noirs sauvages, des notes de garrigue, avec une bouche fruitée et assouplie, une finale aromatique.
  Clos de l'Escandil - Vintage 2006 -
Hachette’s Best Picks 2010.
Translated press notice : This 3rd Coup de Coeur in 6 years’ time is unlikely to go to Gilles Chabbert’s head. He keeps his mind focused on his vineyards and relies on his terroir where, clad in madder colours, three generals are holding a meeting. First comes the liquorice of Syrah while the pepper of Mourvèdre and the cassis of Grenache stay on the wings; vanilla brings up the rear. All attack you with power, fieriness and fullness, framed by tannins organized in a square. Once the smoked and roasted aromas have dispersed, the palate surrenders to a last spicy charge after a long fight.
  Parker's Wine Bargains: The World's Best Wine Values Under $25 - 2009
Par Robert Parker

Presentation and review of the wines from the Domaine des Aires Hautes :
- Vin de Pays d'Oc Malbec
- Minervois La Livinière
- Minervois Les Combelles
- Sauvignon Blanc

  Guide Parker des Vins de France - 7ème édition - Octobre 2009
Par Robert Parker

Presentation and review of the wines from the Domaine des Aires Hautes :
- Clos de l'Escandil - 2003 - (91/100)
- Minervois Les Combelles - 2004 - (86/100)
- Minervois la Livinière - 2004 - (90/100)
- Vin de Pays d'Oc Malbec - 2005 - (87/100)


Parker's Wine Advocate #183 - Jun 2009
Review by David Schildknecht

Presentation and review of the wines from the Domaine des Aires Hautes :
- Minervois - 2007 - (87-88/100)
- Clos de l'Escandil - 2006 - (90/100)
- Clos de l'Escandil - 2007 - (91-92/100)
- Minervois La Livinière - 2006 - (91/100)
- Minervois La Livinière - 2007 - (90-91/100)


  Clos de l'Escandil - Vintage 2003 -
Hachette’s Best Picks 2007.
Translated press notice: Nestled among vineyards and olive trees, the village of La Livinière proudly flaunts its church tower. This terroir, which is dotted with Romanesque chapels, has given birth to these vineyards made of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. After 16 months in oak barrels, this 2003 vintage offers aromas of moka and dark chocolate which merge with warm notes of black cherries. Mellow and plush on the palate, it plays with the cherry backed up by a kiss of ginger. Full-bodied and plush, it will benefit from being kept a while and promises a delicious moment.
  Clos de l'Escandil - Vintage 2001 -
Hachette’s Best Picks 2004.
Translated press notice: Gilles Chabbert knows how to remain quiet in his vineyards in order to better bounce back when time is ripe. This year he gets his highest reward yet with this three-star wine which associates Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. After 14 months in oak barrels, this 2001 vintage brings out a wonderful potential where fruits of the forest and liquorice unite with cocoa and vanilla. It is as powerful as an iron hand in a velvet glove. Its aromas melt into a long and warm finish where wine and maturing are in symbiosis.
  Clos de l'Escandil - Vintage 2000 - *
• One star on the guide Hachette des vins 2003.
Translated press notice: A real wonder born of a trilogy of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre is in hiding within the confines of these vineyards. This wine has been made in wooden vats and, after 22 months in oak barrels, the result speaks volumes. Seasoned with spices, the intensely fruited notes of this deep red wine stir you up. Once in the mouth, it displays cocoa tones as well as elegant and plush tannins. Finally, it gives way to languorous fragrances of liquorice and dark tobacco.
  Les 100 plus belles routes des vins - 2011
Tourisme et vignoble en France
Le Petit Futé
  Les Grands Crus du Languedoc et du Roussillon - 2006
Michel Smith , Olivier Poussier

Domaine des Aires Hautes et Clos de l'Escandil - 34210 Siran - France