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The Minervois vineyards, which were steeped in the Judeo-Christian civilisation, form a vast amphitheatre opening onto the Mediterranean Sea and set against the southernmost part of the Massif Central.

The heartland of the Minervois area encloses a natural sub-region, the Petit Causse. This limestone plateau is above all a climatic reality, lying as it does at the foot of a Piedmont and at the point where the Montagne Noire meets the alluvial systems. As it faces south and south-east, it is partly sheltered from the wind and also favoured with relatively warm days. At the end of the night, gusts of fresh air coming from the ridges sweep down the Piedmont without actually gathering over it, which maintains and even amplifies variations in daily temperatures. Therefore, our land enjoys a perfect meso-climate thanks to its distinct topography.

As a consequence, atmospheric disturbances from the Atlantic cannot reach the Petit Causse whereas those coming from the Mediterranean coast have already lost most of their strength and power when they arrive. The above features act upon the beginning and the end of the vegetative cycle, which is especially long as it spans the April to October period, thus ensuring a good maturing process.

The Petit Causse is also a main substratum which consists of hardened chalk ; its gently sloping surface gives way to expanses of calcareous limestone. Because of the natural low fertility and low permeableness of the soil, the wine-grower can only expect a low yield, whatever the vine variety.

Amid typically Mediterranean vegetation, this history-rich land brings together dolmens and vineyards which are bordered by low dry-stone walls. Here you can hear the heart of the Appellation beat.

It is also where the Domaine des Aires Hautes lies.

Straddling the villages of Siran and La Livinière, the 28 hectares homestead can boast of first class vineyards and quality vine varieties. It combines traditional vines, the old black Carignan and Grenache vineyards, and more recent plants such as black Syrah, black Mourvèdre, Malbec, white Chardonnay and Sauvignon.


    Three types of soil

    Les Combes

    Les Baraques


Domaine des Aires Hautes et Clos de l'Escandil - 34210 Siran - France